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Next Event: ENCO -  North Beach Food Distribution 

07 May 2024, 7AM 

Join us for "North Beach Food Distribution"  Help us provide helping hands to Feeding South Florida, Buddy System and Community Fridge Miami.  

About ENCO

ENCO - is a waypoint. Originated from the desire to support mutual aid. 


With extensive experience and diverse backgrounds in business development, media, product development, marketing, and non-profit organizations, we understand and can leverage how these industries impact our communities' reality. We create pathways to facilitate reallocating resources that support and ignite positive community advancement. 


We aim to bridge the gap between for-profit and non-profit organizations. By understanding the issues at hand and leveraging resources available in both sectors, our goal is to drive tangible and positive change by bringing these two worlds together. 




Meet the Team

Nikolas Snyder



Introducing Nikolas Snyder - a Florida International University graduate with a distinguished track record in business development. A driving force in our community, he is passionately dedicated to strategically untangling our most complex challenges. As a valued member of our board of directors, Nikolas leverages his intellectual acumen to inspire tangible progress and foster growth for all.


Vice President 


Meet Laura Restrepo - a seasoned community leader with extensive experience in non-profit organizations. Her effective initiatives have made a profound impact, driving positive change for our community. As a valued member of our team, Laura's strategic thinking continues to lead us towards impactful solutions that benefit all.





Max Schmidt - A Florida State University alumnus with a strong background in business development, leaving a lasting influence on our local music community. As a valuable member of our board of directors, his strategic thinking and dedication to progress guide us towards sustainable solutions for our community's challenges.




Meet Gabriela Materon - a legal scholar with an international law background and a wealth of experience in law and ethics. A guiding force in our community, she is fervently devoted to strategically unraveling our most intricate challenges. As a cherished member of our board of directors, Gabriela harnesses her intellectual acumen to inspire concrete progress and promote ethical values for the betterment of all.

Our Initivatives

Here For Our Community: En-Comunidad

At En-Collective, community is at the heart of our mission. We're dedicated to empowering local nonprofit organizations, aspiring creatives, and community empowerment efforts in the cities where our board members reside. Each board member identifies potential beneficiaries or issues at hand, presents them to the collective, and together we decide how to contribute.


Our impact unfolds through two avenues: volunteering and community events. Through volunteering, we're hands-on, sharing resources, hosting workshops, and offering pro-bono services. Additionally, we allocate time to plan and execute special events for our partners, always with the goal of community support, enrichment, and advancement.

Fostering Connections: Introducing 'En-Conexión'

En-Conexión is our resource allocation and philanthropy program. By linking local businesses and individuals with community needs, we create targeted support. For instance, benefactors can collaborate with En-Collective to donate funds, services, or excess products. Our board of directors conducts thorough research to determine the most impactful allocation of these resources. 


This initiative empowers businesses and individuals to embrace the self-preserving act of community support, backed by press releases, social media coverage, and certificates. En-Collective, alongside donors, spearheads the creation of liaisons, demographic studies, and resource distributions. Together, we amplify positive change and nurture thriving connections within our community.

Enco Earth - Our Commitment To The Planet 

We will host our volunteer-based initiatives and channel funds towards local restoration projects. Looking ahead, Enco-Earth will expand to encompass all of our lands; however, our initial focus will remain on the immediate surrounding areas of Miami and Florida.


Enco-Earth strives to attain an influence that allows us to impact and raise public awareness about bureaucratic or business endeavors that jeopardize our environment. By introducing informative resources, we aim to stimulate the population’s interest and willingness to participate in environmental efforts.

Enco-Earth seeks to amplify the voices of those who dare to take a stand, creating an aggregated force to advocate and bridge the gap between those who harm the Earth and those whose decisions protect it.

ENCO Headshots1076 copy.jpg
"El que no vive para servir, no sirve para vivir"

― Madre Teresa de Calcuta

Working Towards Common Goals

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